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Stripping Agent KD-5A
Composition:New Type Active Material
Appearance: Brown Color Liquor
PH Value:Neutral
Ionic Type: Non-ionic Type
Properties: Non-toxic, NO APEO, Environmental-friendly Products
------Highly improve the final results of stripping for vat dyes,sulfur dyes and reactive dyes
-----Consumption Amount of stripping agent depends on the amount of dyestuff which would be stripped off.
The method of stripping for vat dyes and sulfur dyes is same.In terms of sulfur dyes,It will consume more caustic soda and hydrosulphite.Please agitate evenly before using the stripper solution.
1)Application for Continuous Process:
 Recipe of Padder Solution:
KD-5A(Stripper)   :20--40g/l
Hydrosulphite (85%):20--50g/l
NaOH(100%)      :20--50g/l
Steam process of stripping is as same as the process that is applied for dyeing.
Notes:Adequate washing is necessary after steaming process.Suggest to add prepared padder Solution(above) 15% together with water for first washing.Consumption amount of stripper,caustic soda and hydrosulphite depend on how deep the color is and how many dyestuff could be removed.
2)Application for Non-Continuous Process:
KD-5A(stripper)     :2-6g/l
Hydrosulphite(85%)  :5-20g/l
NaOH(100%)       :5-20g/l
Bath Ratio          :1:10~~1:40(Bath ration is as big as possible)
Period for processing is 30-60 minutes at 60-80 degree celcius.(The period and temperature depend on property of dyestuff which should be removed.)
Suggestions: Add a certain amount of chelating dispersant given the amount of dyestuff to be stripped are more.
Package and Storage:
Net Weight:30kg/plastic drum.
Expiry Period: One Year.
Please keep in shady,cool and dry place.

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